The Real Cost of Back Pain

When most people think of the effects of back pain, the first thing that comes to mind is the physical problems it causes. Back pain can be debilitating, uncomfortable and limiting. However, there’s more to back pain than just the physical side. The financial costs associated with prolonged, untreated back pain is something that often gets overlooked, but you can’t […]

Fibromyalgia Symptoms in Women

Fibromyalgia is a disease of unknown origin that affects the muscles and joints. The most susceptible people are women in their middle age as are people with rheumatoid arthritis or other autoimmune diseases. While there isn’t yet a cure for fibromyalgia, keeping yourself fit, eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of sleep will help ward off the disease according […]

How To Prevent Wrist Pain

Wrist pain is something which most of us would like to avoid, but can happen to even the healthiest among us. In modern times, wrist pain is now the leading cause of occupational injury in the United States according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Wrist pain often prevents many people from going about normal activities. Sometimes, it can prevent […]

Is Your iPad Causing You Neck Pain?

If you have been using an iPad and are experiencing neck pain, you may be wondering if the two are somehow connected. While there is evidence that there is a connection between iPad use and neck pain, an iPad is clearly not the only factor that is causing your pain. Your neck pain can have several different sources, but the […]

5 Quick Tips To Relieve Back Pain

Do you experience back pain? You are not alone. Here are 5 quick tips that will help you find some relief, and avoid spending your days in pain. 1. Epsom Salt Baths The body soaks up the magnesium in the Epsom salt, which helps to calm and relax your body. Not only will it help you relax, but it helps […]

5 Common Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease with symptoms that come and go. Recognizing the symptoms and getting proper treatment is a step in the right direction. Fibromyalgia Symptoms One of the main symptoms of the disease is pain in the muscles, joints and tendons of the body. It is often a throbbing pain in the joints or muscles that gets worse […]

What Does A Pain Management Doctor Do?

As medicine becomes more advanced, there’s been an increasing need for specialists. At the same time, this can make it difficult to really understand what any given physician will provide. This is especially true for pain management doctors. The description sounds broad enough that it can be difficult to know what to expect. A pain management doctor will of course […]

Is Your Headache Pain A Sign Of A More Serious Problem?

Nearly everyone suffers from an occasional headache. Seldom are they serious health concerns. Sometimes, however, it may be necessary to see a physician regarding your headache pain. The following information discusses different types of headaches, causes of headaches, the types of treatment available, and when it may be time to visit your doctor. 1. Different Types of Headaches A tension […]

Will Standing Instead of Sitting Relieve Back Pain?

The first thing people need to remember on a 24 hour basis, is their spine is the key to life. All too often, we have a tendency to neglect the spine, and overlook the stress and pressure we put on it day in and day out. Many of the the daily activities you perform contribute to low-back pain, including: Sitting […]

BOTOX® Cosmetic for Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

Sufferers of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) seeking relief have found a solution in injections of BOTOX (botulinum toxin, also referred to as onabotulinumtoxinA). While sweating is an important function in regulating body temperature, 1% of the population deals with severe sweating at times when they are neither hot nor exercising. Treatments exist for this embarrassing condition. One of the most effective […]

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