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Will Standing Instead of Sitting Relieve Back Pain?

standing vs sitting back painThe first thing people need to remember on a 24 hour basis, is their spine is the key to life. All too often, we have a tendency to neglect the spine, and overlook the stress and pressure we put on it day in and day out.

Many of the the daily activities you perform contribute to low-back pain, including:

  • Sitting with poor posture
  • Standing with poor posture (slumped over)
  • Lying down incorrectly

Then if you toss in a dab of neck problems due to poor posture, you have a nice trifecta. And the sad part of all these conundrums is your spine can’t wave a white flag or scream, but it can pull-the-plug on part of your vertebrae to make it ache in an attempt to let you know that something is haywire.

Standing vs Sitting – Which Is Worse For Your Back Pain?

The answer may actually shock you. It sounds like a strange comment, but both standing and sitting can be harmful to your spine. Yet standing exerts more than five times more pressure than lying down; and sitting is even more strenuous. And one of the biggest problems with spine issues is as long as you’re not in pain, people tend to ignore how really delicate their backs and spinal column is engineered.

It’s critical that the three spinal curves, your neck, upper, and lower are kept in proper balance. To accomplish this task, strong and flexible muscles are needed. Poor posture can strain muscles and ligaments making you vulnerable to injury.

How Standing Affects Back Pain

If you enjoy standing up for long periods of time because you’re tired of sitting, that may not be the best thing for your posture or spine, either. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and check for signs that your posture is not what you thought it would look like. Also when standing for long periods of time, try to minimize stress on the lower back and never stand too long in one position.

How Sitting Affects Back Pain

Your back receives a ton of unwanted pressure that just sitting exerts on your lower back simply by shifting your upper body forward forcing your back muscles to strain to hold you upright. Slouching is no picnic either because it increases the pressure on your lower back nearly 15 times more than as if you’re’ just lying down – ouch!

So,what’s a person to do to keep their spine happy? What will happen if they do nothing? In itself, poor standing and sitting posture isn’t a health problem like diabetes. But it won’t improve without some effort on your part; it could have an adverse impact on your spine and system in general. It could also limit your lung expansion – which means less energy available to your body and brain. The end result being chronic back problems, chronic headaches, and chronic muscle and back aches. The ultimate decision is yours.

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