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5 Quick Tips To Relieve Back Pain

Do you experience back pain? You are not alone. Here are 5 quick tips that will help you find some relief, and avoid spending your days in pain.

1. Epsom Salt Baths

how to relieve back painThe body soaks up the magnesium in the Epsom salt, which helps to calm and relax your body. Not only will it help you relax, but it helps relieve the pain and inflammation in your muscles. When the inflammation is relieved, this is going to help relieve tension, which causes a lot of pain and discomfort. So at the end of your day, fill up the tub with some hot water and a cup of Epsom salt, and soak for about 20-30 minutes. You can find scented Epsom salt as well, like lavender to help you reach that next level of comfort and relaxation. Remember, the more relaxed you are, the less tense your muscles are.

2. Hot Compresses

The hot compresses are also a good source to loosen up the muscles and relieve tension. There are several options when it comes to hot compresses. There are hot pads, body wraps, over the counter rubs and patches you can buy at your local drug store. You can use these for 20-30 minutes and every couple hours throughout your day.

3. Cold Compresses

Relieves inflammation and swelling. You can make homemade cold compresses, use cold packs from the store, or even ice packs. You can also take cold baths if you’re able to stand that much cold at a time, if not, these other methods are very effective and help you target the area. Cold compresses are a lot like the hot compresses, use for 20-30 minutes and every couple hours throughout the day. They are more effective if you alternate the two. Wait 45 minutes to 1 hour in between compresses.

4. Stretching

Stretching is important to your muscles. It helps loosen them up. The looser the muscles, the less tension and pain associated with tension. You should stretch in the morning when you get out of bed and at night after your long day. You can even do small stretches throughout the day at work to help relieve some of the pain. There is a link below that will provide some good stretches.

5. Exercise

Exercising is important for your overall health. However, with the right exercise you can help relieve a great deal of pain in your back as well. Your core muscles in your abs are critical to supporting your lower back. If you strengthen these muscles you are sure to have less pain. The link below has some great daily exercises you can do right in the comfort of your home to help strengthen your core.

Here is a link for some great exercises to help strengthen your core, this will be pivotal in keeping the muscles strong and help relieve pain. You will also find some daily stretches that will be helpful. Remember to stay hydrated as this too is essential to keeping your muscles healthy.

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