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Is Your iPad Causing You Neck Pain?

does ipad cause neck and back pain

If you have been using an iPad and are experiencing neck pain, you may be wondering if the two are somehow connected. While there is evidence that there is a connection between iPad use and neck pain, an iPad is clearly not the only factor that is causing your pain.

Your neck pain can have several different sources, but the most common is called forward head posture and is likely tied to several different lifestyle practices that you are immersed in.

What is forward head posture?

forward head postureForward head posture is caused when your spine is not in alignment, typically from leaning your head forward frequently. If you lean your head forward consistently and do not maintain a straight back, then your spine will compensate for this posture and will become accustomed to being in this position. Using an iPad is typically based on leaning forward and glancing at the screen, or at least touching the touchscreen. The same is true of bad posture while using a computer at work, text messaging, or when you sit in an uncomfortable chair.

Human beings have a central nervous system that is based on your brain and spine. Your spine connects your brain to nerves that are distributed throughout your body. When your spine is properly aligned there is no significant pressure on your surrounding nerves and you are unlikely to feel any significant pain. When your spine is not in line then your nerves are pressed against and stressed which leads to painful sensations that often reverberate throughout your body.

Reverberated, or referred pain, means that the pain that you are feeling may not be present in the area where you are actually injured. Neck pain, is the most common example of this. Forward head posture can cause a pinched nerve in your neck which can cause pain in your neck or can be referred to other points in your body. If you are feeling numbness or tingling in your hand or arms, or lower back pain, then it can be caused by forward head posture that is caused by your iPad usage.

Is lower back pain caused by iPads and forward head posture correctable?

If you are experiencing forward head posture related neck pain, then you will likely be wondering if this condition is correctable or if you will have to manage the pain. The answer will depend on how long you have had forward head posture, your age and general health, and your overall commitment to a treatment plan.

Short-term treatment plans are typically centered on removing swelling so that your nerve is no longer irritated and painful. Many of the long-term rehabilitation plans center around trying to reverse or mitigate forward head posture through exercises that strengthen your neck muscles as well as your core.

Further, in some drastic instances surgery to repair disk issues arising from forward head posture from iPad usage may be suggested. If you are suffering from pain in your neck that resembles forward head posture, it is important to connect with a professional for assessment and possible treatment.

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