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Peripheral Nerve Stimulation/Stim Wave

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Dr. Zarrini offers Peripheral Nerve Management to those unresponsive to surgical treatments or if surgery is not an option. It involves implementing a small medical device called, StimWave Stimulator System (Peripheral nerve stimulator) - close to where you are feeling pain. The system uses the world’s smallest, wireless, microsize neurostimulator and leverages patented advancements in microtechnology.

When placed correctly, the device gives electrical pulses through the peripheral nerve. This creates a mild tingling sensation, known as paresthesia. By blocking the pain signals, the device prevents the brain from processing them, which reduces the pain you feel. Not only is the Stimwave technology easy to wear, but it offers patients an affordable choice for pain management.

What Conditions Can Be Treated With Peripheral Nerve Stimulation?

Low Back pain
Knee pain
Tailbone pain
Occipital headache
Shoulder pain
Peripheral neuropathic pain

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