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Steroid Joint Injection

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Joint pain is an inflammation of any part of the joint, which can include: cartilage, bone, ligaments. This can cause discomfort and an immense amount of pain when walking, standing, or daily activities. The pain may seem bearable in its early stages, but if it isn’t treated as soon as possible, the pain may become severe over time and limit mobility.

At BZ Pain, we want to help address these issues right away. Contact us in Beverly Hills, CA, to schedule an appointment with Dr. Zarrini to learn if steroid joint injections is a good fit for you.

Causes of Pain:

Rheumatoid arthritis
Work Injury
Personal Injury
Inflammatory Disease (GOUT)

Steroid Injection

Steroid joint injection is a corticosteroids (cortisone) injection to relieve the inflammation that causes discomfort. This injection is performed right on the joint experiencing pain and is effective around two to seven days after. The patient may experience a bit of soreness after the shot but will not need any downtime after the injection and may participate in physical therapy. Dr. Zarrini will review your medical history to see if you are the right candidate for a steroid injection.

The Procedure

The patient will be given a local anesthetic to numb the injection area to minimize discomfort. Dr. Zarrini will use ultrasound as a guide for the needle to reach its desired location. The same procedure will occur if multiple injections are required. The patient will notice that the pain is gone due to the anesthetic but will experience soreness for a couple of days. It is important to give us a call if the pain does not go away after several days.