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Cancer Pain

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Get Cancer Pain Treatment in Beverly Hills, CA

Managing cancer pain is draining physically and emotionally for people. In most cases, pain can be unbearable to the extent that it slows down other recovery procedures. That is why at BZ Pain, we focus our efforts and expertise on pain treatment. We understand that patients do not respond in the same manner to treatment. Therefore, we strive to provide solutions that consider each patient's needs separately. In most cases, a patient may have sought treatment elsewhere before. By looking into history, we try to establish which procedure is more likely to work on the patient.

Some Causes and Symptoms of Cancer Pain

At BZ Pain, we acknowledge that cancer pain treatment is complex and patient-specific. We offer personalized services at Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, California. There are several methods of treating cancer pain, depending on where the pain concentrates most.

Some pains are a result of nerve damage leading to inflammation and numbness. Some tumors could be causing pressure on the nerves, hence the pain. In other cases, chemotherapy induces pain. This is why we insist on checking the patient’s treatment history before we recommend the right procedure.

In other instances, pain in the mouth and throat can be because of sores. Unfortunately, chemotherapy is also a significant contributor to this. Treating pain helps the patient to start eating or drinking without problems.

At BZ Pain, we seek first to understand the nature and extent of the pain. We allow every patient to explain the pain in a guided way. We also seek to understand their lifestyle before embarking on the best treatment option for them.

Common Medications for Treating Cancer Pain:

Seizure medications
Anti-inflammatory drugs to control the burning pain
Intrathecal pump
Medication to treat depression since depression also causes pain, apart from being a pain in itself

The bottom line is to adopt a treatment procedure that is the best fit for every particular case. Our priority is being able to ease your pain.