Lower Back Pain

Acute Lower Back Pain

Lower Back PainShort term, or acute lower back pain will typically last for a few weeks at the most, but it can be very inconvenient and uncomfortable. Acute back pain is often the result of some sort of trauma (sports injury, car accident, putting too much strain on it when lifting, etc.) to the area or conditions like arthritis.

The symptoms of lower back pain can include aches in your muscles, a jolting pain, or difficulty moving, bending, or even standing. In certain situations, the back pain can radiate or spread into other parts of your body as well.

Chronic Lower Back Pain

Chronic back pain has the same symptoms as acute back pain. The primary difference is the duration that the pain lasts. The pain is considered chronic if it lasts for over 3 months. In most cases, the pain will gradually get worse over time and the exact cause can be hard to diagnose.

At BZ Pain, we specialize treating both chronic and acute back pain through injections, therapy and other pain management techniques.

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Beverly Hills, CA

Believe it or not, many cases of lower back pain can be treated without surgery. The goal is to reduce inflammation to help strengthen the back and decrease the likeliness of reinjury. With effective treatment, many patients are able to heal without losing regular function.

A common method for treating back pain is the use of cold and heat compressing in the area with ice/hot pads or other measures. It can help minimize the inflammation and restore some mobility back to you.
Upon examining your injury and assessing the situation, we will be able to recommend a pain management plan to help ease your pain and hopefully completely eliminate it.

At BZ Pain, we have one priority: improving your ability to function normally with as little pain as possible.
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