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Neck Pain

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Neck Pain Specialist

Neck pain is considered a modern health problem because society has taken on more sedentary lifestyles. Almost everyone has experienced it at some point in life. Neck muscles can bring some health issues when overworked or stained like other muscles in our body. They get overworked due to bad posture, especially when hunched continuously over bending, reading in bed, or persistent teeth grinding.

Pain in the neck is not just in the neck only, but also on other body parts such as shoulders, head, and down the arms, especially when nerves are involved. Those who have experienced such a pain assert that it is either sharp, sore or more of an ache. Neck pain can also be brought by headaches or continuous movement of the neck. If neck muscles are overexerted, you may experience chronic pain that is more difficult to recover from.

Can Disk Disorder Trigger Neck Pain?

Your vertebrae have several discs that dry out as you grow old. As a result of this, the space in your spinal column becomes narrower. Sometimes, the actual material of the disc can burst out of the layer that covers it when the disc herniated. When such a situation happens, the nerves get irritable quickly because the area will be susceptible.

Neck Pain Treatment

Even though it is regarded as an epidemic, it can be easily treated. If you live in Los Angeles, CA, look to Doctor Behnoush Zarrini. He is a trustworthy and experienced doctor, as he has been specializing in pain management over the last decade. He helps patients manage or reduce chronic, neck, and acute pains. Apart from receiving his Doctor of Medicine from Tehran University of Medical Science, he was certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology and License Board of California. Because he has improved his patient’s quality of life since 2003, his reputation is solid. Dr. Zarrini can provide top-notch medical care to his patients because he carries out examinations first to determine the source of their pain. Contact us to schedule an appointment.