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Tension Headaches

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There are five leading causes of tension headaches:

Dehydration and hunger
Lack of sleep
Feeling stress and overworked

At times, these can be caused by one another. Lack of sleep can make you dehydrated, stressed, and anxious. Spending too much time in front of blue light can add additional strain to the eyes and neck (depending on your posture). Tension headaches feel like an elastic band around the head. Most people feel like something is wrapped around the front of the head around the side of the ears and across the back of the neck.


Symptoms of tension headaches include:

Dull head pain
The feeling of tightness and pressure
Tender neck, hairline, and shoulders
Two types of tension headaches

There are two different types of tension headaches, chronic and episodic. Episodic headaches often occur for a short period and can last up to two weeks. Tension headaches that last more than two weeks are considered chronic and can become severe if left untreated. Keep in mind, chronic tension headaches can cause migraines; however, they are separate head conditions. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Zarrini for a proper diagnosis.

Other Potential Causes

It is important to consider proper stress reduction, diet, and exercise before seeking a drug therapy option. Another cause that may be overlooked is in the field of work or lifestyle. Tight headband, tight hairstyles, headphones, helmets, or hats can aid in exasperating tension headaches symptoms.

Treatment Options

Headaches can be caused by known or unknown reasons. If symptoms persist or worsen, then it’s recommended to consult a physician.

Tension headaches can come in episodes, or they can accrue without warning. Here are a few options to reduce tension headaches:

Therapy for stress, anxiety, and depression
Approved drug treatment

Drug treatment should be considered as a last option. Drug treatment is accompanied by therapy to reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation can be combined with all treatment options to reach a more holistic approach to the treatment system. Some people who experience tension headaches can usually pinpoint what potentially caused them. It takes time to recover from the outside elements that disturbed the neurological system. Though there is no cure-all for headaches and their symptoms, it is essential to consider creating proper balance in any lifestyle to maintain good health and recovery.